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Family in Blue


Family in Blue

Being an officer means spending your career putting the needs of the community above your own, and that often includes above your family as well. The stresses of this profession can have a lasting effect on our IPA members as well as their families. The IPA is committed to ensuring the mental and emotional wellbeing of our members by taking donated dollars to support activities that allow our officers to spend positive, stress free time with each other and with their families. We know that by supporting our members' personal wellbeing they will be a better officer to the community they love. Some examples of how we support our officers' emotional and mental wellbeing through camaraderie and a sense of family include:

The Challenge Cup / Baker to Vegas Relay

This annual, 120-mile relay race starts in Baker, CA and ends in Las Vegas NV. There are police departments worldwide that participate in this challenge. In 2019, 20 members of the IPA participated and our team finished 4th in our division and 42nd overall!

“Teamwork and being physically fit are key components to the success of our officers. To provide the level of service our community requires and deserves, officers must be able to successfully work together and meet the physical demands required for each situation. I believe it is essential that our department encourages and provides opportunities for our officers to build camaraderie with one another and for physical training. The Baker To Vegas running challenge provides exactly that. Baker To Vegas provides the opportunity for our officers to build camaraderie with one another through training and competing in the race as a team”
– Detective N. Ridlon

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Team Events

Our IPA members have joined a variety of sports leagues over the years. This is a great opportunity to come together outside of work and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Our IPA members and their families come out to watch our members participate in sports such as a hockey, 5k’s, and soccer. They also enjoy participating in official police competitions such as the annual Police Olympics and the Orange County Traffic Officer’s Association Motor Rodeo

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